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Poster presented at ISTH SSC 2018, Dublin
"Comparison of Three Thromboplastin Reagents for International Normalized Ratio (INR) Measurement in Patients on Vitamin K Antagonist Therapy;" Montes R.P. et al.

Abstract, ISTH SSC 2018 Dublin
Comparison of Two Thromboplastin Reagents for Prothrombin Time (PT) measurement; Montes R.P. et al.

Assessment of Single-factor Deficiency Sensitivity 
of Three Thromboplastin Reagents. 
ISTH, July 2017, Berlin, Poster n° PB 424 Masset N, Juif V et al.

Evaluation des performances d’une nouvelle Néoplastine avec un ISI à 1 : STA-NeoPTimal. Guis F et al.

Performances evaluation of a new PT reagent STA-NeoPTimal for PT/INR measurement and exogenous coagulation factors assays R. Cupaiolo et al.

Poster presented at SIBioC 2017, Italy
"Evaluation of STA-NeoPTimal, the new extraction thromboplastin with ISI = 1.0 M.Carta et al.”

Effects of haemolysis, icterus and lipaemia on coagulation tests as performed on Stago STA Compact Max analyser. Kitchen S et al.

Comparison of methods report 
STA Coag Expert (example)

Reference Time calculation report 
STA Coag Expert (example)

Stago webinar “PT/INR measurement for the management of VKA therapy” Dr Ian Jennings Scientific Programme Manager - UK NEQAS Sheffield - UK

Poster presented at Blood 2018, Brisbane
Prothrombin time as measured with STA NeoPTimal is sensitive to Rivaroxaban effect; Pham T. et al.

Medilys Evaluation STA-NeoPTimal

Evaluation des performances d’une nouvelle thromboplastine avec un ISI à 1 : la STA-NeoPTimal

• Poster presented at XXVI CLATH Costa Rica 2019
“Validation of new thromboplastin with ISI close to 1” Moreno M.P et al , English”
“Validation of new thromboplastin with ISI close to 1” Moreno M.P et al , Spanish”

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